Spring Rush 2018

06 Mar 2018

Theta Tau is the nation’s oldest and largest co-ed engineering fraternity. Comprised of engineers with very diverse interests, Theta Tau brings together some of the best and brightest from the College of Engineering who strive to develop skills both inside and outside of the engineering workplace. With a professional, philanthropic, and social emphasis, the fraternity offers its members a wide range of events throughout the year. Come get to know the members at the following events to see if Theta Tau is the right fit for you!

Our first round schedule (please note that attending at least one info session is mandatory in order to rush):

  1. Wednesday, Jan 17 @ 7PM – Info Night #1 @ Engineering Hall 106B8
  2. Thursday, Jan 18 8/30 @ 6PM - Billiards @ Illini Union Basement
  3. Friday, Jan 19 @ 5PM – Happy Hour @ Legends
  4. Monday, Jan 22 @ 6PM- Resume/Interview Workshop @ Engineering Hall 106B1
  5. Tuesday, Jan 23 @ 7PM - Indoor Volleyball @ CRCE
  6. Wednesday, Jan 24 @ 7PM – Info Night #2 @ Engineering Hall 106B8
  7. Friday, Jan 26 @6PM – Mixer @ John Deere Pavilion

Interviews will fall on Saturday 1/27 and Sunday 1/28.

If you cannot attend interviews on the specified dates, please contact the rush chair.

For more information on Theta Tau, please visit our website: http://kappathetatau.org/

our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/thetatau.kappa/

our Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kappathetatau/

or email our rush chair Sherry Yu at RushKappaTT@gmail.com

Invite your friends and hope to see you all there!